Approximately 80% of athletes contract a skin infection.
Sharing the same indoor areas and using the same equipment, which is not always well cleaned and disinfected, or the loss of skin particles, on which many micro-organisms feed, increases the spread of mycosis.
How many germs could one come into contact within a gym? Samples were tested to determine bacterial load levels and it was discovered that germs of up to 1 million in 5 square centimetres lurk on treadmills, exercise bikes and dumbbell weights. The results showed the presence of gram-positive cocchi (a common cause of skin infections and other illnesses), gram-negative bacilli (which can cause many types of infections and sometimes resist antibiotics), and gram-positive bacilli (which can – although rarely – cause various types of infections).
In gyms, wellness centers and spas, the installation of BIOVITAE contributes to the creation of a healthy and safe environment by preventing the transmission of infections during and after sports activities.

Means of transport

Bacterial contamination on means of transport is a real threat: thousands of people travel daily from one place to another in vehicles with uncontrolled hygienic conditions and therefore contaminated with all kinds of bacterial species. Colonies of Staphyilococcus aureus, Streptococcus phaecalis, Enterobacteria, as well as mites and moulds, can lurk on seats, tables, handles and other surfaces.
In vehicles and means of transport Biovitae illuminates and sanitises the passenger compartment, air and surfaces, keeping bacterial proliferation low and ensuring a clean and safe environment for passengers.

Mezzi di trasporto
Cinema e Teatri

Cinemas and Theatres

Cinemas and theatres are environments with a high risk of bacterial contamination due to the large number of people staying in close contact for long periods of time. Biovitae makes ordinary cleaning and sanitising of surfaces and environments (seats, tables, dressing rooms, vending machine buttons) more effective by helping to keep bacterial proliferation low and guaranteeing real and effective sanitisation of environments.

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