Continuous sanitisation is the most effective system for creating microbiologically safe environments

With Biovitae there is no need to leave an environment before its sanitisation or to ventilate it after the process is complete. Continuous sanitisation of a space frequented by living beings means acting when it is needed, i.e. when people are inside the rooms and the risks of contagion and contamination are highest. The future of sanitisation? With Biovitae is already here.

A new concept of sanitisation

With Biovitae LED sanitising and lighting devices, it is finally possible to frequent and inhabit permanently protected spaces without the risks and contraindications of conventional sanitising systems. No chemical emissions, no dangerous ultraviolet radiation, no flickering: the germicidal power of Biovitae’s LED sanitising devices is based on the action of a special combination of light frequencies of the visible spectrum capable of eradicating viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores and preventing allergies of bacterial origin in a totally safe manner. Thanks to its patented technology, Biovitae can be used in the presence of humans and animals without any risk to their health. In fact, all Biovitae devices are classified with Photobiological Risk 1 according to the new CEI-EN 62471 standard in force since 2023, which regulates photobiological safety and sets the parameters for assessing whether a device is safe for the people using it. Biovitae devices are flicker free and therefore do not cause any visual or neurological damage.

Un nuovo concetto di sanificazione

Why prefer continuous LED sanitisation with Biovitae?

Environmental sanitisation is a procedure to reduce or eliminate the presence of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. The methods traditionally used are chemical sanitisation and sanitisation with ultraviolet rays, in particular the UVC frequencies 222nm and 254nm, or devices using the visible spectrum frequency 405nm. These methods have the limitation that they cannot be used inside environments occupied by people or animals and have a very high negative impact on the environment. The efficacy of these systems is extremely reduced because they cannot in any way guarantee constant protection and proper control of dangerous microorganisms in the air and on surfaces, and can themselves pose a danger to living beings and the environment.

UV and chemical sanitisation are only effective for a limited time (flash sanitisation) as they cannot be used in the presence of people on a continuous basis. Flash sanitisation’ with UV and chemical agents causes continuous sterilisation processes and subsequent recontamination, which promote an imbalance between beneficial and harmful bacteria (environmental dysbiosis). Ultraviolet rays are highly carcinogenic (link articles), cause severe skin and eye damage and produce large amounts of ozone (link articles). They do not permanently eliminate microbes but cause genetic damage that the microbes themselves are capable of repairing.

Temporary UV-induced sterilisation (link articles) by inactivating microbial colonies dispersed in the environment weakens our immune system, which needs continuous exposure to low, non-infectious doses of microbes in order to be efficient. Furthermore, both systems have a huge environmental impact because they are energy-intensive (UV) and release harmful substances into the environment (ozone for UV and various harmful substances for chemical disinfectants). The continued use of both also causes damage to surfaces and materials.

Comparison with sanitising lights

Comparison of indoor sanitation systems

100% safe

Biovitae’s sanitisation technology uses only frequencies of the no-UV visible spectrum, is safe even for continuous use and has no contraindications for use.

Unlike other technologies that use mono-frequency 405nm of the visible spectrum for room sanitisation that must be used alternately in either the illumination function or in sanitisation mode (dual mode), Biovitae is able to perfectly complement the illumination function, providing a white light indistinguishable from normal LED light while sanitising rooms in a manner that is totally safe for people and animals.

Characteristics and Certifications

Biovitae is a flicker-free device and avoids the damage this phenomenon causes to people with photosensitivity and/or neurological disorders. It complies with ROHS 2 (Directive 2011/65/EC), which sets limits for lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) that can be used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment sold in the European Union. Biovitae is a preventive device with a microbicidal function and does not replace the use of medicines.

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Caratteristiche e Certificazioni