Biovitae, how microbicidal action works

Biovitae is a technology designed to continuously sanitise environments (air and surfaces) and keep the microbial load constantly under control, in a simple way and without changing normal daily routines.

Biovitae eliminates Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, viruses, mould spores and fungi.

Why Biovitae is more effective

It has been scientifically proven that microbes are particularly sensitive to wavelengths of the visible spectrum range 400-420nm (Soret band), which corresponds to the maximum absorption band of bacterial porphyrins. Biovitae is the only technology to use a patented combination of frequencies within the Soret band (400-420nm) that guarantees homogenous efficacy on all microbial species (Gram+ and Gram-, viruses, mould, spores and fungi) without creating environmental dysbiosis. The microbicidal action of Biovitae is triggered by the stimulation of certain substances (porphyrins and flavins) within the cells of microbes that are particularly sensitive to blue-violet frequencies and especially to Biovitae’s patented (non-UV) combination.

The figure shows the frequency range of the Biovitae visible spectrum (UV-FREE (400-420nm, 430-460nm, 500-780nm), which is scientifically proven to be lethal for viruses, Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, fungi, spores and moulds

The microbicidal action

The microbicidal action of Biovitae is triggered by the stimulation of certain substances (porphyrins and flavinins) that are present within the cells of microbes, particularly sensitive to blue-violet frequencies and especially to Biovitae’s patented (non-UV) combination.

This stimulation activates a photodynamic effect that triggers a chemical reaction that generates reactive oxygen substances (ROS, such as hydrogen peroxide) that are particularly harmful to microorganisms, causing oxidative damage to the microbial cell membrane and, thus, the ultimate death of the microbes.

These frequencies have no effect on human cells. Because human cells do not contain the same or similar light-absorbing substances, Biovitae is totally safe even after continuous use in the presence of people.

The Bacterial Biofilm

Microbes are simple but intelligent organisms. They can organise themselves into communities and protect themselves from external agents thanks to the Biofilm, a gelatinous mass invisible to the naked eye that bacteria form on all surfaces and within which they have plenty of time to exchange information, replicate and mutate their genome, developing antimicrobial resistance.

Approximately 60 per cent of microbial infections are associated with the formation of Biofilms because bacterial cells organised in this structure can better resist to disinfectants, antibiotics and attacks made by the host’s immune system. When Biofilm fragments detach from the main structure and are disseminated in the environment, the risk of contamination and/or infection is high. Neither antibiotics nor UV are able to penetrate Biofilm, only visible light is able to penetrate it, but only Biovitae’s patented frequencies are able to eliminate the bacteria within


Biovitae VS 405 nm

Why Biovitae is different

Biovitae is the only technology that can guarantee continuous sanitisation: it sanitises when people are inside the environments, so when the microbicidal action is most needed. Unlike other technologies that use the single-frequency 405nm or other frequencies of blue light of the visible spectrum to sanitise environments and that must be used alternately in either the lighting function or in sanitisation mode (dual mode), Biovitae is able to perfectly integrate the lighting function, guaranteeing a white light indistinguishable from normal LED light while sanitising in a manner that is totally safe for people and animals. Biovitae’s sanitising technology uses only frequencies of the visible no-UV spectrum and is therefore safe even for continuous use and has no contraindications. Biovitae does not sterilise but sanitises environments: it keeps the microbial load constantly low, allowing the immune system to remain active and effectively fight pathogens.

Effective, affordable, low environmental impact

All Biovitae devices are low consumption, can be easily installed in all lighting systems without any intervention or structural modifications to the installations and buildings. With Biovitae you illuminate rooms and protect people inside them for as long as necessary, without any limitations or contraindications.

The effectiveness of Biovitae is proven by numerous independent scientific tests

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